About Us 關於我們

Since September 2005, we have grown to a congregation of around 60 people.  Our Fellowship is under the covering of St Mary's Broadwater Parish.  We are a family based church with around 60 members. We have Sunday Worship every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month with bring and share lunch at 1pm and the service starts at 2pm. There are also mid-week meetings including Parent and Toddler Group, 50+ Energetic Café, Home Group, Bible Study and Song Practice.

All our Sunday services are run bilingually.

我們的團契是隸屬St Mary's Broadwater Parish的教區的。我們是一個以家庭為基礎的教會,成員大約有五十名。我們在每月的第二和第四個星期日也有主日崇拜。 每一次聚會弟兄姊妹們都會帶同食物在午餐時間和大家分享,午餐時間是在下午一點開始。主日崇拜在下午二時開始至三時三十分,我們會以多種語言來舉行聚會。

Vision  我們的異象
Our vision is to reach out and disciple the local Chinese that they may come to know and receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, live out the life of Christ as His disciples and follow His Great Commission.

我們的異象是專注本地華人,幫助他們認識並接受耶穌作為他們的主救主, 活出基督門徒的生命, 忠於祂的大使命
Growing Together 一起成長
We grow as a family in Christ and encourage spending time together as often as possible to pray and share one another’s joy and sorrow.
我們一起在基督裡成長,並鼓勵大家多在一起能多禱告和分享, 分擔彼此的喜悅和悲傷

*Bring & Share Lunch 食物分享

We encourage people to bring along food to share and enjoy fellowship with one another before our service which starts at 2pm



*Due to pandemic, this is suspended 由於疫情,暫時停止

Worthing Chinese Christian Fellowship (WCCF) is committed to creating a safe environment across all our churches and believes that those leading, at all levels, must demonstrate a duty of care to safeguard all children and vulnerable adults from harm. All children and vulnerable adults have a right to protection, and the needs of all people who may be particularly vulnerable (either permanently or temporarily) must be taken into account when considering their involvement in church life and the support that is offered to enable them to live fulfilling Christian lives. For further information on our safeguarding policies, procedures and practice guidance for leaders, staff and volunteers, please contact Tella Butler, WCCF Safeguarding Coordinator, at worthingccf@gmail.com